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Master The Ultimate FitPro Business Lead Generation Strategies in 10 Weeks.

Power up your business to hit £10k a month consistently.

Imagine transforming your business into a lead generating machine. We’ve done it for our own business, now you can learn our proven strategies for

  • Smoothly generating at least £10,000 every month.
  • Controlling & knowing the amount of leads you get from advertising.
  • Reducing the time and effort you spend on marketing.
  • Knowing the future of your business even in tough times.

This 10-week course starts on 22nd March - don’t miss the cutoff!


7-DAY 100% money-back guarantee.

We’re confident this is exactly what you need. If not, get 100% of your money back- no questions asked.

Is lead generation giving you headaches?

“Hoping” you will get your next lead is a dangerous game in the fitpro business. I know plenty of fitpros that spend their days aimlessly chasing bad leads instead of doing what they love. 

I’m not just speaking for other fitpros- I‘ve been there myself. That’s why I will personally teach you how to transform your business into a lead-generating machine. 

Do you want to consistently bring in £10,000 a month? 

You’re not alone.

When I started out, I was hosting bootcamps. I was working twice as hard as I do now for peanuts. I knew the value I was giving my clients but I wasn’t generating the income I dreamed of.

What if I told you you could hit those £10k targets you have?

In 8 weeks, you will be able to charge what you deserve even when your competition is charging less. I’ll share my secrets behind generating at least  £10k each and every month.

Is marketing forcing its way onto your list of priorities?

Are you struggling because you don’t know where to start, so you’re just jumping from task to task hoping that something works out in the end?

Wouldn’t it be easier if you knew exactly where to find leads and how to convince them to take up your offer. After your 8 weeks of training, you will be able to attract the perfect clients to your business with minimum fuss.

Are you tired of not knowing what the future holds for your business?

With the way everything continues to rapidly change online and offline, running a fitpro business feels like walking with a blindfold. How many gyms and fitness businesses do you know that have been forced to shut down?

Your business doesn’t have to go the same way. I’ll show you how I use data to make educated predictions of the future. You can carry out your vision while knowing what to expect.

I’m David Kyle,

Like most fitpro business owners, I struggled for years because I hadn’t figured out the secret sauce to generating consistent leads to my business. 

After graduating from uni, I started to build my fitness empire. I started from the bottom hosting outdoor bootcamps, charging low prices to try to attract customers and never knowing how many people would show up. 

I was digging into my own savings just to stay afloat.

I started questioning whether following my passion was worth it. If you’re passionate about fitness, then you can understand how that would feel. I felt like giving up and getting a regular job many times. 

I realised that being good and giving value wasn’t enough. I had to master marketing to get new leads, and balance it with training people. If there is one thing I can tell you about this point in my life, it’s that I hated “marketing”. But I had to find a way...

In 2017, I found a breakthrough by mistake…

David Kyle

Owner of DKnine Fitness & FitPro Lead Gen

I had returned to Southampton where I had recently opened a new gym. I’d been developing some training based around my mother’s needs, and started marketing based on this very specific target audience. Surprisingly, this resulted in the floodgates opening on highly qualified leads for the services I was offering. 

That’s how I discovered the power of specialized marketing strategies.

Today, I have helped 350+ FitPros like you around the world to also transform their fitness businesses.

We found that lead generation is usually nightmare for fitpro businesses because:

  • It takes up time you don’t feel you have
  • Every new online tip you see feels like an expensive gamble
  • You’re passionate about fitness, not marketing

At the end of the day, you need a solution that solves your problems. Finding it takes money,  time, or both. And that’s if your competitors don’t get there first.

That’s why I have decided, for the first time ever, to personally give other fitpros the step-by-step strategies that not only I but hundreds of fitpro businesses I’ve personally trained are using around the world - in an 8-week course. 

  • Never worry about where your leads will come from again
  • Start generating £10k+ every month from your fitpro business
  • Never settle for less than what you should be paid for your services again
  • Never operate your business in the dark again
  • Get 24/7 support from me and my team whenever you’re in doubt 
  • Don’t waste another penny on guesswork marketing or ineffective “guru” courses

What’s In The 10-Week Programme?

When I started making progress in my own business in 2017, I discovered the perfect way to generate leads through specialization. I taught this method to other fitpro business owners and they used it to transform their businesses too. Together, me and my team have been helping people like you around the world to start generating consistent leads and at least £10,000 in revenue every month. 

This training course is a product of continuous improvement. We’re not marketing gurus - we’re putting in the reps in the gym as fitpros day in, day out, and we’re on the front line of digital marketing, too. We experiment, we tweak, we learn every day.

We broke the course down into easily-consumable parts that are straight to the point. You will be able get this training from anywhere in the world and apply it to your business.

Here’s how it’s laid out..

  • Week 1: Understanding Your Numbers
  • Week 2: Creating Your Entry & Long Term Offers
  • Week 3: Creating Your Marketing Calendar
  • Week 4: Telling The World About Your Offers (Paid Advertising)
  • Week 5: Telling The World About Your Offers (Organic Advertising)
  • Week 6: Chasing The Down The Leads
  • Week 7: Making The Sales
  • Week 8: Catch-Up & Support Week
  • Week 9: Continued Business Growth
  • Week 10: Building Your Website

Why should I master this training?

As mentioned before, we have helped more than 350 owners and businesses around the world. I'm sure, whatever your specific target market or area of specialisation is, I’ve helped someone with a similar, if not identical business model to the one that you have. 

You can start marketing your fitness brand with a strategy that is built for fitness brands. Most of the training and courses online give “one-size-fits-all” solutions that can be applied even to businesses that are outside fitness. The problem with this is that:

  • It leaves you at risk of diluting your image and not standing out
  • You need to put in extra work to find how this knowledge applies to your business model 
  • You are not guaranteed to get more revenue or leads

What you will get inside… 

  • 2 Live Sessions a Week

You will have Live Sessions with David where he trains you and allows you to ask your own questions about the program. 

  • Live training
    David will teach you how to successfully scale a fitness brand from any stage in real time. You will be able to understand what is currently working not only for DKnine but other fitness businesses that are applying these strategies worldwide. You can use this knowledge to crush your competition and claim a bigger portion of your market. 
  • Live Q&A
    You can get an even better understanding of the training by getting all of your questions answered in real time. David and the team will personally answer all of the questions that you may have pertaining to the training and how it applies. This will make sure that you understand each part of the training and how it should be applied to your business specifically. 


  • 2 Months of Social Media Posts

You will get two months’ worth of brand specific content for your social media. You might not have time to take pictures or create content- we understand. We will supply you with engaging content that will give your business a unique image in your respective market.


  • Facebook Ads Copy

You’ll get ready-made, convincing copy for facebook ads that triggers action-taking at a psychological level. There’s a lot that goes into convincing someone to come on-board when it comes to cold leads. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to go through all this fuss. We will provide you with the right message that is in-line with the facebook ads guidelines. It’s like meal-prep for your ads. 


  • Ebook Templates

You will get easy to use but effective ebook templates. Ebooks are one of the most effective ways to get people obsessed with your brand. You can use these templates to write your own story and create a loyal community around your brand. 

  • Landing Page Templates

You will get landing page templates that are optimised for conversions. Your landing page is one of the key components of your marketing strategy. This is where you convince a person to take action on your offer. Fortunately for you, we know what compels people and we have created these templates based on that. You can simply harvest leads without worrying about the technical stuff. 


  • Website Page Templates

We will provide you with compelling website templates that will take you no time at all to fill in. A website is the face of your business online. We have created these templates in such a way that everyone who lands on your website understands:

  • Why they need your services
  • What you are about 
  • How to get your services
  • How to contact you 
  • And more


  • Email follow ups

We will give you the exact emails that David and other successful fitpros are using in 2021 to convert cold leads into hungry clients. Email marketing is consistently the channel with the highest return on investment.

  • Access to The FitPro Portal for 2 months

Unlimited access to my FitPro community and resources for 2 months after the course. You will be able to get the assistance, guidance and tools that top earners in the fitness business around the world are using. 


  • Guest Speakers

We invite top achievers from all over the world to give you the hidden secrets they’re currently using to succeed in their businesses. We will make sure that we give you specialists in different areas to ensure you learn something new each time. This will keep you ahead of the game every time. 


  • Support group

We make sure that you never fall behind again through our active support group. This group is made up of individuals just like yourself but at different levels of business success. You will be able to help and get help with any issue relating to your fitness business. 

-->> And most importantly:

  • A Clear path to generating constant leads, both paid & organic

We will give you an A to Z blueprint for setting up and managing both paid and free advertising campaigns. You will be able to grab the attention of potential clients, put them through your funnel and convince them to take action. You can sit back while your campaigns do the heavy lifting for you.

This training course is a collective effort...

 The reason we have been so successful at transforming other fitness brands is that we are a team. Each operation is in the hands of a specialist who’s been there and done it.

 They are currently using these strategies to grow their businesses or brands.

 Here to help you grow your fitness business, answer all your questions and queries, and provide the most up to date training...

Facebook Ads Specialist
(Joint Owner of DKnine Fitness)

Social Media Specialist
(Masters in Sports Psychology)

Lead Chasing Specialist
(Over £1 Million in Sales for Wowcher)

Guest Expert...

Business Growth Specialist
(Owner of SJN Nutrition & Quantum Leaps)

Guest Expert...

Programme Design Specialist
(Owner of PTD Ninja)

Guest Expert...

Sales Specialist
(Owner of FitPro Sales)

Guest Expert...

Business Coach
(Owner of Ged O'Hara Business Coaching)

We have helped hundreds of fitpro businesses and business owner to

  • Concentrate on what they love about their businesses- the customers
  • Generate the income they deserve for their services
  • Put their businesses marketing on auto-pilot
  • Become more confident about the future
  • Save time and effort that was going to marketing
  • And so much more. 

Me and my team are on standby to do the same for you and your business. We’ll guide you through it step by step, but you have to take the first step of choosing to transform your business and life. And just like in the gym, we can’t do the work for you - you’ll have to put in the reps, but you’ll have the best, most detailed training plan you can imagine, plus me and my team as your spotter.

The only thing stopping you now is you. Take the first step by signing up here - training starts on 22nd March:

7-DAY 100% money-back guarantee.

We’re confident this is exactly what you need. If not, get 100% of your money back- no questions asked.

Our Customers’ Key Queries:

  • My business is very niche specific. What if this program is too general?

In this training, we cover every corner in the fitpro industry. The Q&A live sessions are designed to give David the chance to get a deeper understanding of your business and how to make it blow up. If this isn’t enough, there will be support from the team and community ready to assist you every step of the way.

  • Does it work for 2021, given the unstable state of everything?

Indeed. In fact, we have designed it to help you sail smoothly through tough times. You will be able to use the knowledge and resources from this training to scale your business even when the world is turning upside down. 

  • Can’t I just use another marketing training online?

Sure - it’s your business so you can do what you want. But I wouldn’t recommend this. The problem with what you will find online is that it is not specific to fitpro businesses. Even the programs that claim to be are either outdated, or not as specific. Our training focuses on giving you actionable training that is proven to work and specific to your business.

  • Can I come back and join later?

Unfortunately no. We are only availing this training to just 15 fitpros. If you don’t take advantage of your opportunity, your spot will be filled in by the next person on our waiting list.

Here are a few success stories and results so far from clients we’ve worked with - trust us - we know what we’re doing here!

Here is Simon Evans owner of C&S Fitness, Bridgwater giving his review.

Simon joined having just opened his first studio, he now has 2 bustling studios with over 200 clients.

In 1 Year, Simon Has Gone From 130 Clients To 210

Here is Nicole Renee, owner of Empower Fitness – a ladies-only facility in Mystic, Connecticut giving her review.

Nicole joined as she was just about to open her first studio, with the aim of generating leads, making sales & growing her fitness business.

One year on, Nicole has grown her studio to over 60 clients.

Here is Brendan Bonar owner of B Fit Training, Glasgow giving his review.

Brendan joined with zero Facebook Ads experience, he has since been able to follow the ad set up videos & use the copy to generate leads.

Brendan Generated 3 x £169 Sales This Week, Off A £15 Ad Spend

Here is Mark Fitz owner of Hyperformance, London giving his review.

Mark joined as a part time coach working full time as a delivery driver. Since joining Mark has gone from Full Time Delivery Driver...

To Full Time PT, with Zero Ads Spend


7-DAY 100% money-back guarantee.

We’re confident this is exactly what you need. If not, get 100% of your money back- no questions asked.